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Offensive Odors

Odor removal is a bonus feature of the Aireox Air Purifier. The removal of odors is swift and sure. No masking takes place. Don’t be embarrassed by household or office odors, remove them with an Aireox Clean Air. Use anywhere irritating and offensive odors are present 

Smog and Industrial Pollution

Photo chemical smog contains large amounts of (ozone) and other irritating gases. It’s the irritating gases that cause the discomfort a person feels when smog is present. These irritating gases also bring on or aggravate respiratory problems.

OPERATION: When smog or industrial pollution is present, close all doors and windows … then place the Aireox Air Purifier in the room desired. Continuous operation during periods of air pollution is suggested.

Dust and Pollen

The Aireox Air Purifier is designed to remove even the smallest of air borne particles and upwards of one-half pound of dust and pollen can be removed during the life of the cartridge. Continuous operation may be required (8 to 12 hours per day).

Tobacco Smoke

The #1 pollutant … this irritating pollutant is one of the hardest to eliminate or at least keep somewhat under control. Aireox Air Purifier will reduce up to 60% of the amount of smoke emitted when a smoker is present and total elimination is obtained anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour after the tobacco is extinguished, depending on the concentration.

Sick Room (Bacteria & Odors)

The Aireox Air Purifier works especially well in keeping a sick room fresh and clean. Can be used at home or in the hospital, continuous operation is recommended on the low setting (8-12 hours per day).

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Chemical Control Media

There are a many chemical control Medias available. The two Aireox prefers, and recommends, are Activated Carbon and a product called Purafil. Aireox has used these two Medias in their purifiers from the outset. Each media must be user friendly and not add to the problem, which requires years of testing to accomplish. Second, each media must be extremely effective at controlling airborne particles and chemicals. Below are descriptions of Chemical Control Media that they use…

Activated Carbon

Aireox primary activated carbon product is a high grade carbon that is well suited to airborne chemical removal. It has a hard composition with a very low inherent dust factor. Activated carbon is accomplished by using a superheated steam in the carbonization process that causes microp pores to form in the carbon, exposing the inner core of each chip. This allows the carbon a much greater surface area to absorb a larger amount of chemicals. Activated Carbon is our most popular form of media.

Purafil/Carbon (PC) Mixture

Aireox recommend theirs PC mixture when dealing with aggressive chemicals, such as elevated levels of formaldehyde in homes or polyvinyl chlorides in automobiles.


Purafil is made from potassium permanganate. This product has been utilized in the industry for over thirty years. It works in a different manner than carbon; chemicals are actually oxidized and are then kept locked into the pellet. This product is generally not used as a sole media because we find that mixing the two products is more effective.

Negative Ions

The Aireox Air Purifier does not produce negative ions. However, it does remove the pollutants that upset the (negative-positive) ion balance.


In response to many inquiries about the possible use of Zeolite in their air purifiers, they would like to clarify their position. Aireox does not use Zeolite in either of its forms, mined or artificially created. Their engineers feel that Zeolite’s ability to absorb or otherwise remove chemical pollutants is far too low. Aireox Research does not use Zeolite.