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How loud is the Aireox Air Purifier?

The engineers at Aireox Research designed each room air purifier to have a very low noise factor. They were so successful with the design that it can even be used in the bedroom. Customers tell us that this design is the only air purifier they have found quiet enough for bedroom use, especially when they are trying to sleep.

What maintenance is needed?

No maintenance is required on the air purifiers other than cartridge (filter) renewal and cleaning of the external surface of the Aireox with a damp cloth when necessary (do not use harsh cleaners).

How often do I have to change the filter?

The customer should only have to change the filter once a year (under normal conditions) Aireox recommended that the filter is changed every six months to allow proper air flow and filtration.

Why can’t a carbon filter last more than one year?

Although Activated Carbon is one of the best ways to efficiently remove mold spores, offensive odors, pollution etc…, once it’s exposed to air, it has only a shelf life of one year. Other additives such as Purafil and Zeolite that are used with it have a much longer shelf life but depending on the environment it is introduce to, can only absorb so much in a year’s time! This is why Aireox recommends one year for normal conditions and six months for those with MCS, and or people living or working in high pollution areas.

How do I replace a cartridge (filter)?

Unplug the air purifier … then turn the purifier upside down – remove wing nut, washer, and bottom cover. • Remove the cartridge from inside the outer screen – Note: Outer screen may separate from the top cover, this is OK. • If necessary, replace the outer screen back into the top cover, then insert the new cartridge into outer screen • Replace bottom cover, then washer and wing nut, that’s it!

What if I do not want fiber glass in my filter?

Most air purifier’s use a glass type product in their particle filters, because all other fibers will tend to swell up or matte down destroying the fibers ability to pass air and trap particles. The glass products are safe enough when installed with the proper coverings. However, more and more of our customers are asking for a glass free product, which Aireox now have and have tested for many years. Space age materials and technology have now provided a high efficiency fabric for air purification.

What if I am Chemically Sensitive (MCS)?

The medical problem known as MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an affliction which causes a person to react to almost all industrial products, carpets, drapes, wood cabinets, cars, etc. Aireox have worked with MCS patients since almost the beginning of the company’s founding with great success. Their products are specially designed for chemically sensitive people. There are no sealants used in our products, they use special zero-outgassing cords and long lasting zero-outgassing paint.

Why use a sealed motor?

First, all electric motors require some form of lubrication, usually oil. Sealed motors, motors that do not require exposure to the air for cooling, keep any oil or lubricant vapors from being discharged into the environment. Second, non-sealed motors require exposure to the “filtered” air flow to cool their moving parts. Not only does this form of cooling out-gas the lubricants, it also dries out the bearing surfaces. In return this shortens the life expectancy of the motor. External motors also run hot and can be a danger to children. Aireox motors are sealed they are cool to the touch, so they are safer for children. Aireox motors also have twice the normal life expectancy of non-sealed motors, and there is no out-gas for people who are MCS.

How long does the Air Purifier last?

Aireox Air Purifiers were designed with high quality and reliability in mind. Their Product is user-friendly and is designed to last a life time.

How does the Aireox purifier Work?

Dirty air to be cleaned enters the air purifier through the perforated screen that surrounds the air purifier. Passes through the pre-filter element to remove oily dust and smoke … then across a generous layer” of high grade activated carbon to remove the irritating gases present in all air pollution. The last and final step in the cleansing process is through the .3 MICRON final filter to remove any remaining particles of pollution. (Will Not Remove Oxygen From the Air…) After passing through the final particle filter the air is drawn up through the compression blower and out the small screen on top next to the handle … the cleansing cycle is now complete.