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Certified Dealer of Aireox…Professional Series Air purifier

  • The most popular air purifier on the market today for people serious about the risks air pollution represents to their family’s health. It is also the type most often recommended by allergists and physicians for prevention and/or relief of pollution-related diseases. Highly efficient, portable and quiet, this all metal unit will effectively purify the air in a room 12′ x 20′, with an 8′ ceiling (2000 cubic feet) once every 15 minutes.


Highly efficient filters

  • No Adhensives Used In Filter.  We do not use pleated filters because they require sealant to seal off the pleats

  • No Deodorant Or Perfume Used.  An air purifier should never emit any chemicals



  • No Loud Operating Noise.
    Quiet enough for bedroom use

  • No Ozone Outgassing.
    The Aireox emit no gas chemical

  • No Outgassing Paint Used.
    A special zero outgassing paint is used to protect the metal part

  • No Outgassing Rubber Cord.
    Our electric cords are zero outgassing

  • No Hot Exposed Motors.
    Hot exposed motors are unsafe for children.

  • No Air Passes Through Motors.
    Motors are sealed to prevent any oil discharge